Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association Inc.
                          2022 TRAINEE GUIDE APPLICATION FORM
Before commencing to complete this form, it's strongly recommended that you read through the document and gather all of the requested information, as the form needs to be completed in a single session.
Your Details:
Next of Kin (NK) details, to be contacted in the event of an emergency
After you join the RVGA, do you agree to your family and preferred names, email address, and phone numbers being made available to other RVGA members, via the RVGA Members Only secure website? 
Additional details about yourself:
Administration / Secretarial
Finance / Accounting
Building / Carpentry / Brickwork
Research / Database
Computing / Information Technology
Language other than English,
please provide details below
Training / Teaching
Electrical / Electronics
Managerial / Organisational Other, please specify below
Skills / Hobbies / Interests - please click the button to the left of any category that's applicable
Do you have any previous experience in dealing with the public? If so, please indicate in what capacity or context in the text box below
Will you be available to attend training activities during January through to the end of July inclusive?
If No, please provide details of any periods that you will not be available
You must attend two Training Weekends on Rottnest: dates to be confirmed
Do you have the means to regularly access and print material from the RVGA's website?  Access can be from home, a local library or through friends, relatives or colleagues
Please tell us how you first became aware of the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association's (RVGA's) Training Course by clicking the button to the left of the appropriate item(s) in the table below, or comment on the 'Optional - other details' line
Noticeboard on Rottnest Island
RVGA's Facebook page
Word of mouth from a friend or
Rottnest Island Authority's
Facebook page
RVGA's Website
Word of mouth from a member or
former member of the RVGA
Rottnest Island Authority's
Volunteering WA's Website Other, please specify below
Click the 'Submit' button after you have completed and reviewed your application.

If you don't see an application acknowledgment message on your screen shortly after you have clicked the Submit button, please click on the following email link and provide your name, a contact phone number and brief details.
Please click the above check box