Rottnest Voluntary Guide Online Training Application - Preamble
Acceptance as a Trainee Guide is subject to approval by the Committee as detailed in Rule 8 of the Rules of Association.
A large amount of material about all the tours offered by the RVGA is available on the RVGA website. The ability to access and print material from the Members Only section of the RVGA website is considered to be essential. Internet access can be from home, a local library or through friends, relatives or colleagues.
Prospective trainees need to be able to commit to both of these weekends in order to be accepted for training. It is also very important that trainees are able to attend most if not all of the Tuesday training sessions.
The fee for the 2021 training course is $425, which represents approximately 70-80% of the RVGA's costs per person.The fee will be required to be paid in full prior to the first training session in February 2021. Payment for the training course includes your RVGA membership fee to 30 June 2021. The normal annual RVGA subscription fee of $40 will be due and payable on 1 July 2021. Full details of what the training course fee covers is available on the webpage

Once the full training fee has been paid upon acceptance of the offer to train as a Rottnest Guide and the course has commenced, there will be no refund of any component of the training fee.
Unless special arrangements have been made with the Training Coordinator, each trainee guide shall complete three supported tours and three assessment tours within six weeks of completion of the training course. Trainee guides will wear the approved guide's uniform for these tours and be entitled to free ferry transport.
Any enquiries can be addressed to the Training Coordinator, Mike Godrich, by email to or by phone on Mob 0402 231 621.
At the completion of training in mid-May, trainee guides are required to undertake three supported tours with an experienced guide followed by three assessment tours. It is an expectation that these supported tours and assessments will be completed by the third week of July in preparation for graduating as a Rottnest Voluntary Guide at the Awards and Graduation Evening which will be held on Tuesday 27 July 2021.
Trainee guides must attend the two training weekends on Rottnest, Friday evening 12 February to 4:30pm Sunday 14 February inclusive, and Friday evening 26 March to 4:30pm Sunday 28 March inclusive as well as successfully completing all assessments as set by the Training Coordinator, prior to being considered for recommendation as a guide.
A trainee guide will become a guide on the recommendation of the Training Coordinator to the Committee, and on receipt of their graduation certificate and name badge at a graduation function normally held in late July.
Training sessions for the 2021 course will be held each Tuesday evening from early-February 2021 until mid-May 2021.  Sessions are held at the Dalkeith Nedlands Bowling Club, 55 Jutland Parade, Dalkeith.
Please note that you will be required to obtain a Working with Children Card during the training course.
All RVGA guides undertaking duties on Rottnest Island are required to have a current Working with Children Card (WWC). Applications for the WWC card will be arranged during the training course. Further information can be obtained from the WWC website by clicking on the 'Working with Children Card' button on the webpage

If arranging your WWC application through the RVGA, the $11.00 WWC volunteer application fee is to be paid by the applicant. On receipt of the Card, applicants will receive an $11.00 reimbursement from the RVGA's Treasurer.
New Guides will be expected to undertake the full range of daily rostered activities and tours, and due to the nature of a guide's duties on Rottnest Island, guides will be required to:
Guiding Commitment
The minimum guiding commitment is ten days of guiding on Rottnest per year. However, most guides commit to one or two rostered guiding days on Rottnest per month. The roster is set two months in advance so there is ample time to prepare for a rostered tour.
In addition to rostered tours, guides may choose to undertake holiday guiding activities and special request guiding activities which usually involve taking tours for school aged children.
The RVGA's Rules of Association and Regulations can be viewed through the webpage
I have read and understood all of the foregoing information and I hereby apply to be a Trainee Guide and I agree to abide by the RVGA's Rules of Association and Regulations.
ascend and descend 155 steps within the lighthouse up to 5 times in a day (normally 2 to 3 times a day);
handle heights including if necessary assisting members of the public who experience an acrophobia or vertigo panic attack;
handle enclosed spaces within the underground tunnels at Oliver Hill.
Even in inclement weather, all rostered guides are required to travel to Rottnest whenever the ferries are operating.